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Here are the services we offer

Coaching approach:
⦁ A brain based approach adopted to ensure shifts in thinking and feeling to ensure change in behaviour and the creation of desired results
⦁ Latest neuroscience research used to ensure optimum results are created for individuals
⦁ Use of neurolinguistic programming to ensure language is aligned to result optimisation
⦁ Knowledge of tools for resilience development , stress management and emotional intelligence applied to optimise benefits

Coaching offered for :
⦁ General life coaching
⦁ Self development
⦁ Self mastery
⦁ Goal achievement
⦁ Professional effectiveness
⦁ Dealing with personal and/or professional dilemmas
⦁ Finding purpose and direction
⦁ Eliminating limiting beliefs
⦁ Eliminating bad habits
⦁ Self actualisation
⦁ Generating optimum personal and/or professional results
⦁ Managing relationships

⦁ Team building and synergy development
⦁ Conflict management
⦁ Dispute resolution
⦁ Vision and mission creation and implementation
⦁ Culture change
⦁ Creating group purpose
⦁ Self development and mastery
⦁ Resillience and stress management
⦁ Goal setting
⦁ Change management
⦁ Communication skills ( general and/or managing difficult conversations)
⦁ Time management aligned to brain based thinking

Coaching structure :
⦁ Individual one on one sessions for specific issues and dilemmas
⦁ Individual session series for goal achievement
⦁ Group coaching for organisations
⦁ Group coaching for groups with similar development interests and needs

⦁ Individual coaching offered face to face , via online systems and/or through telecalls and videocalls based on client specific preferences
⦁ Coaching is offered across the world and is accessible to anyone who has internet, skype, zoom or phone connectivity
⦁ Group coaching can be conducted based on specific requests or by joining online coaching offerings as advertised for public attendance

Offerings include:
⦁ Facilitation of grievances and disputes
⦁ Counseling of managers to enable effective management of misconduct and incapacity issues
⦁ Provision of structured guidelines and toolkits for effective labour law issue management
⦁ Chairing of disciplinary and incapacity hearings and issuing of legally sound outcomes
⦁ Provision of learning programmes for managers, leaders of people, HR professionals and shop stewards around:
⦁ Managing and understanding all elements of diversity
⦁ Labour legislation
⦁ Process management for hearings and issue management,
⦁ Chairing hearing
⦁ Preparation of management/complainant case
⦁ Provision of resources to ensure substantive and procedural compliance
⦁ Provision of effective representation in in-house hearings
⦁ Creating and sustaining effective skills development/transformation committees
⦁ Creating and sustaining effective employment equity/transformation committees

Offerings include:
⦁ Individual and group coaching
⦁ Learning programmes (online or classroom based)
⦁ Open workshops for general public or within client’s organisation

Programmes include:
Communication offerings:
⦁ Managing and leading through effective engagement
⦁ Dealing with difficult and/or crucial conversations
⦁ Communicating with purpose
⦁ Assertive communication

Self-mastery offerings:
⦁ Stress management
⦁ Developing resilience and emotional intelligence
⦁ Personal and professional mastery
⦁ Brain based time management
⦁ Developing and enhancing self esteem

Offerings include:
⦁ Individual and group coaching
⦁ Learning programmes (online or classroom based)
⦁ Open workshops for general public or within client’s organisation

Programmes include:
⦁ Management practical planning, leading and organising skills
⦁ Managing and leading through effective engagement
⦁ Leadership development skills
⦁ Conflict management and dispute resolution
⦁ Managing employees aligned to labour legislation
⦁ Understanding and managing diversity (wider context including all elements)