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Pumani Ayer acts as the primary resource for Kinsana HR Solution offerings
She has qualifications and expertise in the fields of psychology and self-mastery, law, leadership and management development.
Pumani has been working in the Learning and development space for the last 26 years focusing on Personal and professional mastery. Her focus has been on individual self-development as well as organizational development and sustainability.
She partners with experts in the leadership development, academic and coaching space to ensure that the most updated, validated /tested and best approach is adopted aligned to client specific needs and requirements.
Projects have been completed with organizations’ and individuals across industries and sectors, with different levels of professional, educational and work experience, from across age groups, social and racial demographics.


"1 July 2019

To whom it may concern,
I met Pumani Ayer, 6 months ago as the facilitator for a Management Essentials course I have attended in South Africa.
Pumani is a very energetic facilitator, well prepared on the topics to be discussed, with great and practical examples to the different topics, besides her great sense of humor. She digs deep into each and every important topic/subject to ensure that all participants understand and contribute to the topic without making people uncomfortable.
Pumani is very good with people, we all felt home during the 6 months course and even when she could not be present (for any reason), and we would miss her very much.
Not all facilitators (all that I have met in the various trainings and courses I have attended previously) have this great spirit, charisma, sense of human, topic/subject deep knowledge, practical examples, time management, self-discipline as Pumani does. Management Essentials was a long course and it was key that Pumani was appointed as the facilitator; otherwise it would have been a boring and probably not so good to attend.
I hope that I can still meet and have Pumani as the facilitator of many courses to come, as besides all the knowledge and experiences I have acquired with her as a facilitator, I also enjoyed myself in her and other participants company too.
I wish Pumani a great success in her career and goals to achieve."
Kind regards,
Nilza Tibana Lacerda
Nestle Mozambique

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pumani, firstly in my capacity as Programme Manager/Researcher at the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management and more recently, as executive learning consultant at Inavit iQ Learning. She is an excellent facilitator, coach and assessor, specifically in the areas of education, training and development and management/leadership. She is a highly competent professional and is passionate about learning and demonstrating the value it brings to both the individual and the organisation. Her greatest capabilities resides in her patience and natural enthusiasm to guide and support learners in areas that impact their learning trajectory. Her wide depth of experience in business and consulting roles further enhances the learning experiences in and out of the class. She builds a great rapport with learners and is remembered fondly even when the learning event is completed."
Michelle Ally

"Letter of Appreciation and Good standing:
To whom it may concern.
I would like to place on record my acquaintance with Pumani Ayer at our FLDP 2018 program; she has a vast knowledge and experience in her areas of expertise and is always cheerful, happy, motivating and an excellent mentor. She has mentored and tutored myself and I was highly inspired by her teachings and her personality and what she has instilled in me as one of her students. Any organization would be privileged to work with Pumani and she would definitely bring about positive change and growth within the organization. "
Kind Regards
Nishal Jagessar 
Regional Sales Supervisor Kzn
Sasko (bread division)
Pioneer Foods